Hair Be Gone…… Forever!


Get the hair-free look you desire with Electrology. The only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment that removes those nasty spiky hairs that appear on your chin and upper lip or any other face or body hair.

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, where a small amount of heat and galvanic current is applied and targeted at the root of the hair. The hair is then removed. Electrolysis is a slower process than laser, as each individual hair must be treated.

There are no permanent side effects following an Electrolysis Procedure, only some temporary redness and slight swelling. These side effects subside within minutes or upto a couple of days.

Laser is effective on some hair but not all hair, particularly grey hair, very blonde hair, red hair and hormonal facial hair, but the good news is Electrolysis does work on these hair types.

Electrolysis can be performed on any body area and on any kind of hair for woman, men and transgender.

Treatments are performed in 10, 15 and 20 minute blocks with pricing starting at $42.

If you don’t want to pluck those pesky chin hairs ever again, your next step is to get in touch with Sonya. Consultations are completely free and Sonya is happy to discuss what she can do for you. Call or text 0415 951 501 or click here to complete a contact form and Sonya will get back to you.

Don’t forget to read “Pre-Procedure – Electrolysis” in the Information Section so you are pre-appointment ready.

After Care will be discussed with you following your treatment.