Imagine waking up every morning with perfectly applied, natural and soft looking make-up that won’t budge or smudge and gradually fades over time.

Sonya Mann, Cosmetic, Medical and Body Art Tattooist is based in Brisbane and delivers beautiful Semi-Permanent Makeup, Permanent Medical and Body Artistry. Sonya has over the years, trained, researched, created and developed various techniques using both Digital and Rotary Cosmetic Equipment, Microblade and high powered Coil Tattoo Machines. Sonya has developed the Hybrid Brow technique, which is somewhere inbetween a Featherstroke Brow and an Ombre Brow which is a lovely shading technique. Another creation is the “Lips to Envy” technique. Areola & 3D nipples are created with tattoo artistry that can only be achieved using the Body Art Technique.

Sonya has trained under some of the leading Master Cosmetic and Body Tattooists in Australia and her experience is vast. For nearly a year Sonya was also an Assistant Educator in Cosmetic Tattooing for one of the leading schools in Brisbane, so she has a wealth of knowledge.

Sonya has had decades of artistry experience which has assisted in being able to create beautiful body art and having a great eye for detail and symmetry has created the perfect grounding for Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing.

You are in safe, confident hands and Sonya is committed to creating bespoke, long-lasting make-up effects to suit each and every clients individual needs. A true perfectionist, Sonya will make you look beautiful and youthful.

Your next step is to get in touch. Consultations are completely free and Sonya is happy to discuss what she can do for you. Call or text 0415 951 501 or click here to complete a contact form and Sonya will get back to you.

Sonya is proud to say “all pigments and inks are certified vegan
and are never tested on animals”