Brow Art

Brow Art

Never Ever Underestimate the Power of the Brow



3D Feather Stroke Brows mimics your natural brow hair and Sonya has perfected a technique weaving ultra fine delicate hair-strokes into the skin, among your natural brow hair, under ultra magnification, in a colour that’s perfect for you to define your brows, frame your eyes and give you a more youthful appearance. Sonya has spent years learning and perfecting various techniques and has been using the Feather Phi Technique for some time. This is the perfect brow for those who want a natural and soft effect.


The Shading technique or Ombre Brow (the Kardasian style) is used to achieve a bolder look, similar to an eyebrow pencil or powder finish. The shaded look is less natural than the Feather Stroke Brow but it is striking and beautiful. Sonya can create a beautiful lighter tone that graduates to a deeper tone at the arch and tail to create the perfect penciled or powdered finish for you. A perfect brow is designed to suit your bone structure and face shape and a colour is selected that perfectly suits your colouring and skin tone. With this unique procedure your colour will be longer lasting, upto 3 years, depending on the colour selected, your skin type and lifestyle.

Whether your brows have thinned with age, are overplucked, very fair, sparse, patchy, shapeless or have disappeared, Sonya can create beautiful bespoke brows for you. By working with your face shape, your bone structure and colouring, Sonya draws a new brow with a pencil, perfecting a new shape and then selects a medical mineral grade pigment, perfect for your colour and tone. The procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours to create your new brows. Your comfort is a priority and numbing agents are applied prior to and during the procedure.

Please ensure you read ‘Pre-Procedure – Cosmetic Tattoo’ in the ‘Information Section’ to ensure you are pre-appointment ready.

‘After Care’ will be discussed following your procedure.

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