The Liquid Liner look that wont budge!


Eyeliner defines your eyes and opens up your whole face, giving you a more youthful appearance, but creating this look everyday can be time consuming and difficult. Imagine, no smudging, no runs, no panda eyes, its swim proof, gym proof and tear proof and best of all….. no unsightly uneven lines!


You don’t want a line, but still want definition? Why not try a Lash Enhancement. Sonya places pigment between the lashes and below the lashes to make them appear thicker and darker. This is a great option for the girls that want a very natural look and great for guys too.


Sonya can create a beautiful fine liner look, top or bottom, just above or below the lash line. Sonya will also add Lash Enhancement in-between the lashes to create an illusion of darker thicker lashes and perfectly applied eyeliner. This is a beautiful elegant look and colour choices vary from black which is the most popular colour to softer shades such as grey, brown and olive.


This look is for the top lash line only and Sonya creates a beautiful line, finely tapering from the inner corner, to a thicker end corner. Sonya also adds in Lash Enhancement for a more dramatic and intense look. This look is sophisticated and blends in with your lashes and intensifies your eyes. Its the most popular eyeliner choice.

All eyeliners are the finest medical grade minerals, perfect for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. Black is the most popular choice of colour but subtle shades such as brown, grey and olive are available. The choice is yours.

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Your After Care will be discussed following your procedure.

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