Cosmetic Tattoo Make Up (also known as Micropigmentation, MicroBlading, Semi-Permanent Make Up) is a form of cosmetic tattooing that can last up to several years. Mineral grade hypo-allergenic vegan pigments are inserted at high speed into the outer layer of the skin to achieve the look of liquid eyeliner, natural hairstrokes or powder finished brows and beautiful outlined lips infused with colour.

Medical & Body Art Tattooing (also known as Paramedical Tattooing) is body tattooing using a high speed Tattoo Machine designed to shade and create amazing correction effects.  Mineral Grade Vegan Inks are used to create areola and 3D nipples, camouflage scars, scalp aesthetics or art work can be created to hide scarring.  This technique is longer lasting or permanent.

How Long will my Cosmetic Tattoo Last depends on a number of factors including how fair or dark you are, your lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure and general health.  While Sonya works to achieve the best result that she can for you and recommends a colour boost every 12-24 months, some skins do retain pigments better than others, requiring fewer retouches. Keeping your cosmetic tattoo colour looking fresh is great value in comparison to the cost of regular hair colouring or cosmetic procedures such as fillers.  The effects are not only designed and tailored for you but are aimed at making sure you always look fabulous 24/7 and you look more youthful.

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